Base Camp: Alaska Bear Viewing Trips

Experience the remote wilderness of Alaska

Day 1 Depart Homer to Katmai National Park

Depart from Homer in the early afternoon. Check in at Sasquatch Alaska Adventures by 1330. Departure is in the early afternoon at 1430. Arrive in Katmai by 1545. Set up camp in the wilderness of Katmai National Park and begin our bear viewing, photography and bear educational program that afternoon/ evening. After Dinner we discuss options and make a plan for the next day.

Day 2-3 Camping in Katmai National Park

While camping the mornings are generally very early after breakfast we hike out into the meadows beaches and forests along the coast. Every day is different than the last but we usually spend return to camp during the mid day when for a rest when the bears and wolves are generally not as active. After the mid day rest and meal we return back out into the bay for the rest of the afternoon and evening when the bear and wolves are more active again and the light is very good. In the evening we get together again and discuss our trip plan for the next day. As we plan the next days activities in the evenings we include the entire group in the discussion. Considering the objectives of the next day and taking into account the sunrises and sets, how large the tides are and their relation to the moon and the way that this effects the cycle of life along the coast.

Day 4 Depart Katmai National Park and return to Homer

Plants, flowers and trees along the Katmai coast Sea weeds, sea grasses intertidal animals in the bay, the medicinal and edible uses. The culture of the natives who inhabited the coast for years. The wolf packs in the bay. The lives of the foxes, moose and other mammals along the coast. We spend the last morning among the bears and wolves then we break down the camp and make sure we have made a minimal impact on the area. The flight back to Homer will depart from the beach at 1700 and return to Homer by 1815.

3 Day 2 Night Guided Camping Tour
2 Person $2,300 (per person)
3 Person $2,200 (per person)
4 Person $2,100 (per person)
4 Day 3 Night Guided Camping Tour
2 Person $2,500 (per person)
3 Person $2,400 (per person)
4 Person $2,300 (per person)

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