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Sasquatch Alaska Adventure Co. guides you through a life-changing experience on our Alaska bear watching and flightseeing tours.


Sasquatch Alaska Adventure Co. guides you through a life-changing experience on our Alaska bear viewing and flightseeing tours.


Sasquatch Alaska Adventure Co. guides you through a life-changing experience on our Alaska bear viewing and flightseeing tours.


Safety for our clients and ourselves continues to be a priority for 2022 season.
We clean and disinfect the interior of the aircraft as soon as they return from every flight and again ½ hour before we load for departure on every flight. We will treat the lobby and restroom facilities the same, disinfected as soon as tours depart and again ½ hour before tours return, we will also screen clients before the flight and offer credit to anyone who is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to reschedule their tour for a later date.


We have over 20 years combined experience flying in Katmai and Lake Clark and we use all of that experience to maintain the very best quality bear viewing adventures and flight tours in the entire state of Alaska! We love Alaska and the amazing wilderness it offers us, and we want to share it with you and preserve it with minimum impact to the environment.
Hence our name, Sasquatch – leave only tracks.

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We are a family owned and operated business in beautiful Homer, Alaska and our bear viewing guides lead you to some of the most amazing places in Alaska, where you can view wild Alaskan brown bears in their natural habitat. Don’t miss this a once-in-a-lifetime bear viewing and flightseeing tour. We fly you to the largest population concentration of brown bears in the world!


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One of the best experiences we have done

This was just simply amazing. A short flight with amazing views and a pilot that knows the area can show you the best views. Landing on the beach was fantastic. Make sure you listen and follow directions, we at low near a river and we counted 25 bears in the wild. We never felt in danger and were close to wild bears. This is an absolute must do when in homer.

– Trusstytraveller | TripAdvisor
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What a sensational tour

The bear viewing tour with Sasquatch was one of the best things we ever did and if you have any chance to do this trip don‘t miss it. Our pilot and guide Ty was phenomenal, the area we went to was so beautiful and we saw many bears. We always felt safe and never had the impression that we would disturb the bears.

– Bert B. | TripAdvisor
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The Bear Necessities

On our visit to Alaska we scheduled numerous activities, but nothing quite as unique and as memorable as this. I’d consider this a MUST, and all the folks at Sasquatch were consummate professionals that made your safety and quality of experience their highest priority. We saw many bears (as well as a wolf) and have amazing pictures and memories to share. We debated the expense before booking this trip, but have absolutely no regrets. Dollar for dollar the best trip we booked during our stay, and ultimately considered priceless looking back. Definitely put this on your bucket list!

– Mark D. | TripAdvisor
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Highlight of our Alaska adventure

My wife and I have been enjoying everything about Alaska for the last week. All of our activities and wildlife sightings all lead up to this amazing climatic experience. Ty was an awesome and knowledgeable guide that loves what he does here. We HIGHLY recommend this company as they have great experience in the area.

– shamwowhr | TripAdvisor
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Just book it! Words can’t describe how truly amazing this experience is. Zack was our pilot and guide for the day. He was SO in tune with the bears and made sure that our presence wasn’t disrupting them. He was an excellent guide. I was surprised at how relaxing and peaceful I felt of the whole entire time. The flight is breathtaking and such a smooth ride. I can’t wait to do this again. It’s so beautiful and amazing out there. I still have a bear buzzzz;) Thank You!!!

– artzychef | TripAdvisor
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My wife, daughter, and I took a day trip to Katmai and it was a remarkable memory of a lifetime. We flew out of Homer to Katmai in a Cessna that seated six people. We saw 8 or more brown bears over 5 hours. We saw them playing, digging for clams and fishing. We were as close as you'll ever get to wild creatures of that size. I highly recommend this trip and this outfit. The best part is that we also weren't competing with 10 other tours. We were almost by ourselves. Incredible! Everyone was nice, friendly and courteous. You won't regret it and you'll have a lifetime of memories.

– Remington1263 | TripAdvisor